Before You Fly

The Survae platform works by connecting the video and other imagery recorded by a UAV with the data that is collected by the app connected to your UAV’s flight controller. Please make note of the following important tips before you fly a mission.

GPS Lock
In order to properly sync your video and other imagery to the map, make sure you have GPS lock before you take off and begin recording.
Data Loss During Flight
It’s important to remember that if you fly your UAV out of range of your controller you can lose the connection between the video being recorded and its associated data – this means that we won’t be able to correctly connect it to the map after it’s imported into the Survae platform. As long as your controller has good connectivity with your UAV and you keep the UAV within line of site, you’ll have good data integrity and good results when uploaded to Survae.
Limit Your Videos to 8 Minutes in Length

In certain cases, DJI UAVs split very long videos into multiple video clips. This is due to a 4GB file-size limit on some Micro-SD cards. We are working on an automated solution to merge these clips back together. In the interim, please limit videos to about 8 minutes. During a flight, stopping and then restarting your video recording will resolve this issue. Until our solution is released, please contact us if you have recorded long flights where this occurred and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

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