Overview: Uploading Imagery and Data

Getting your imagery and data into Survae is a relatively simple process, though it does vary depending on the device you are using.

Video and Multispectral Imagery Recorded by UAVs

  • For video and multispectral imagery captured with a DJI UAV, the imagery and telemetry data are uploaded separately to Survae because the UAV and the app controlling it store the information in different places. Imagery is stored on the UAV's micro-SD card and the flight data is stored in a file within the app you used to fly the mission. You can upload these files in any order you want and Survae automatically matches and connects them seamlessly. The upload process will be automated in future releases, but for now you will need to upload the files separately.
  • Video captured with a Parrot Anafi or Anafi Thermal is uploaded in one step, as both the video and flight telemetry data are in one file. Just drag-and-drop the video file from the SD card on the Anafi right into your account and it will be automatically mapped.

Still Images Recorded by UAVs

  • Still images recorded with a UAV can be uploaded directly from the micro-SD card on the UAV. All of the data needed to geolocate the image is already included with the file. 

Video and Stills Recorded by GoPro and Garmin Cameras

  • For video or still images recorded with the GoPro 5, 6 and 7 action cameras, the imagery and geo-location data are stored together in the same file on the camera's micro-SD card. Just upload the file to Survae, and we can connect it to the map.
  • For video and still images recorded with Garmin cameras, there are two files that need to be brought into Survae. Video and .FIT data files are saved onto the same SD card. Drag and drop both to your account for fully mapped video. Still images are also supported.

Still Images Recorded by recent iOS and Android Devices and GPS-enabled SLR Cameras

  • Still images recorded with these devices can be uploaded directly from the device or desktop. The image file contains the geo-location data and will be automatically connected to the map when you upload the file to Survae.


We recommend that you use the latest versions of either the Chrome or Safari web browsers on your computer for best results. You should not use Windows Explorer or other older browsers because they have very slow processing speeds and may not support newer technologies.

Log in to Your Account

To begin uploading any files, first make sure you are signed in to your Survae account at http://world.survae.com.

Upload Arrow

Once you sign in, please make note of the blue up-arrow located in the header above your account name – it’s to the right of the Survae logo. You will use this arrow to upload video and other imagery and the associated data into your account. If you prefer, you can also just drag-and-drop your files right into your account.

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