Upload Video and Images from DJI UAVs

To begin uploading video or still imagery, first make sure you are logged in to your Survae account at http://world.survae.com.

For best results, upload one video file at a time. We will be releasing a batch upload process in the future, but for now please upload one file at a time and allow it to finish processing before uploading the next file.

For still images, you can bring in multiple images at a time, depending on the size of the files and your Internet connection.

You can upload video and image files directly from the DJI micro-SD Card by attaching the card to your computer via a file reader or from whatever location the file is saved. 

Please note: do not edit or otherwise make changes to your video files prior to uploading, as this can prevent us from matching the video to its data file.

Within your account at Survae, click on the blue up-arrow in the header to the right of the Survae logo. This will launch your file utility window (or the Finder in Macs).

Navigate to the location of the file you wish to upload and click on the video file you wish to upload. Click Open and the file will start to upload.

Once the video upload starts, you'll see the following window on the left-hand side of your screen, indicating the status of your upload.

DO NOT LEAVE THE PAGE while the file is uploading. Leaving the page will interrupt the upload process. You can open another tab or window in your browser or do other work on your computer, but be sure to leave the browser window open to the page when any files are uploading in Survae.

Uploading video files can take time, especially for long videos. The speed with which a video file uploads depends on two factors: how fast your Internet connection is and how recent your computer is.

After the video file has finished uploading, it will start processing, in order to connect the video to its associated data. You'll see a message like the one below, showing you the status of the processing.

There can be a slight delay at the beginning of the processing and at the end of the processing where you may not see any progress displayed. This is normal.

You can close the browser window or move on to other tasks once the upload process has completed and the processing has begun.

After every upload, Survae looks to match unconnected video and video data files. If you have uploaded your data and video files, Survae will automatically match the two files. If you have uploaded only the video, you'll see the following window after the video has processed.

Once you upload the associated data file for this video, a match will be made. The new video file will contain a description and a path will be displayed on the map. Your video will have a temporary title associated with the location in which it was recorded. You can change this title at any time by going into the Edit function for the video.

Data files and videos may be imported in any order.

Still images contain all of the data necessary to map them right within the image itself. There is no separate data file to upload for images captured with DJI UAVs.

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