Backup Your Data Files

As always, backup your data. Survae has multiple levels of backup and redundancy and we treat your data like it is irreplaceable; however, we cannot guarantee against data loss. You should still have a copy of your flight data on your computer, saved from your mobile device. Also, you should make copies of the videos you uploaded from your DJI’s Micro-SD card. Be sure to create backup copies of both and keep them in safe places. These video files are often very large and it may be a good idea to have external hard drives for backup storage.

Your DJI’s Micro-SD card will fill up quickly and will need regular clearing. Be sure to have backups of your data prior to deleting any files. Also, be sure to only clear video files on your Micro-SD card and leave other files and folders for your DJI UAV to use. Note: Mac users may need to empty their Trash after deleting video files AND while the Micro-SD card is still attached. Please refer to DJI documentation for instructions on clearing up storage space.

The Litchi application stores flight records, starting from installation. Flight records are saved to the mobile device used during a flight. If you use multiple devices for flights, your data files will be in different places. Each time you save flight records from your mobile device, the entire folder will copy, including previous flights that may have been already uploaded. These files are relatively small, compared to videos. It may be a good idea to keep redundant files to keep your data safe.

While we cannot guarantee against data loss, your original uploaded files are also stored on your Survae cloud account. Please contact us if you need copies of your original files, in the event that your own data backups were damaged.

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