Understanding the Survae Home Screen

After you log in, you'll start at the Home Screen for your account. Access to all of your imagery and a variety of options for displaying the imagery will appear on the left-hand side of the browser window. The right side displays a live map.

You will see your account name above the listing of all of the videos and imagery associated with your account. Next to your name is a count of all of the images that have been uploaded to your account and beneath it are a variety of thumbnails.

If you want to see a complete list of all of your imagery, you can either click on your account name or the map search image, just below the account name on the left. You may also see an assortment of thumbnails that have been categorized or tagged beneath your account name. You can, of course, click on any of these images to start working with them, as well.

If you have access to more than one account, the last account that you accessed is displayed. To see all of the accounts to which you have access, click on the green icon in the header (to the right of the Survae logo). You’ll see a listing of all of the accounts to which you have access. Click on the account you wish to work with to see the imagery and data associated with that account.

From the home screen, you also have access to a wide variety of search and filtering tools, which are located on the top of the page, just below the Survae logo. Please see the Knowledgebase for separate instructions on using these tools.

There are multiple ways to find and work with imagery from your home page:

  • If you click on your Account Name or the Map Search image, you'll be able to browse a list of all of your imagery that's been uploaded to Survae. You can scroll through the list of videos and images on the left-hand side of the page and click on one to view it. from this list. Your account may have more videos than fit on one page. If so, you’ll see a list of page numbers on the bottom of each video list on the left.
  • You can search with text for image titles, keywords, tags or by location or use a set of filters to restrict your search to a specific date range or by type of image.
  • At any point, you can also mouse over the map to locate and play videos using the map itself. The zoom level of the map will determine if your imagery is visible on the map.

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