Understanding the List View

Whether you are browsing all of your imagery or a search result, you'll see a list of all of the videos and images on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Each individual video, still or other imagery has its own information pane. When you hover over any individual information pane, a blue circle appears on the central map, showing you the exact location of the video. 

The information pane includes:

  •       A thumbnail image
  •       The title of the imagery
  •       The date and time the imagery was recorded
  •       In the case of a video, the number of times it has been viewed

To start watching any one video or view any image, just double-click on the its title. To see where an image is located on the map, mouse anywhere over its title, thumbnail or other info on the left-hand side. A red line in the imagery information pane will indicate that image is "active" in search and a blue circle will appear on the map, showing the location of the image.

You can mouse over any video in the list to quickly scrub through it. As you hover over a video, you'll see a red line. Scrub anywhere along the line to move forward or backwards in the video. Click anywhere while scrubbing to jump to that point in the video and begin playing it at that point.

In each information pane you will also see a gray map icon on the bottom right.  When clicked, the icon will zoom the main map to the location of the selected imagery. If multiple videos or stills were recorded at that location, you'll see them all on the map. Hover over any of the videos on the main map to see geo-located thumbnails, move forward or backward along the route taken by the video camera, and click on any part of the route to begin playing the video.

The information pane for videos contains an additional icon -- three small stacked lines -- which appear next to the gray magnifying glass icon on the lower right of each video. This icon serves two purposes. Clicking on the icon provides quick access so you can edit information about the imagery, including who it can be shared with. Hovering over the icon indicates the sharing status of the imagery. The lines yellow if the imagery is shareable or red if the imagery is private and not shareable. If the icon is gray, it indicates that the imagery has been set to be publicly available at http://world.survae.com. You can change these statuses and other information about the imagery by clicking the icon and going to the Edit function.

Still images appear on the list view in a smaller information pane than videos. Each thumbnail includes the location where it was photographed, along with the date and time it was captured. Click on the image or its title to open the image in full screen or use the gray map icon on the lower right to zoom the map on the right to the location of the imagery. Still imagery is marked on the main map with an orange icon. Hover over the icon to see the image. Click on it to enlarge.

Adjusting the Size of the List View

At the bottom of the list, you'll see two options. The top displays all the pages with content in your account. You can click on any of the available pages to navigate there directly.

You can change the number of items displayed in the List View by clicking on the pull-down button. This allows you to set the size of the List View from 10 to 100 items.

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