Sharing Videos

There are two ways to share videos and other imagery, such as infrared, with those who don’t have access to your Survae account. You can embed the Survae video/map player on another website and you can share links.

Embedding the Survae Video/Map Player

You can embed the Survae video/map player on another website. This works just like embedding a YouTube video. To embed a video, click on the video itself to open it. Click on the Embed button below the video to get the embed code.

Sharing Links

You can also share a link to any video. To do so, click on the video you wish to share to open it. Click on the Copy Video Link button beneath the video and a link will be generated which you can copy and paste as needed. 

Privacy Settings and Sharing/Embedding

You can only share or embed videos that are set to "public" or "shareable" under the Privacy settings for each video. If a video is marked "private," it's only viewable by users with access to your account. All videos when they are first uploaded are set to "private" by default. If the privacy settings for the video are set to "private," you won’t see the Copy Video Link or Embed buttons below the player. You can click on the Edit button below the video player to change this and enable sharing, if your user role grants you permission to do so.

Make Changes to Your Map and Video Settings Before Sharing

When you share a link to a video or embed a video, what the viewer sees will be determined by the video and map settings that you have determined prior to generating the embed code or the sharing link. If you want to share a video with a layer on the map or with the map in a certain position, make those changes before you generate the sharing or embed codes.

Please note: still imagery linked to the map cannot be shared at this time.

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