Privacy Settings and Sharing Videos

By default, all videos and other imagery are set to “private” when uploaded and can only be accessed and viewed by users who have a login to the account in which the imagery has been uploaded. Account users with the appropriate permissions have the option to make any imagery “public” or "shareable" outside the Survae platform.

Users with the appropriate permissions can set or change the privacy options. To set or change sharing status, click on the Edit button below each video or click on the three small lines icon in the main information pane for each video. When the status is set to either “shareable” or “public” you will see two buttons under the video: to share the imagery with a link, click on the “Copy Video Link” button; to embed on another website, click the "Embed" button.

The options are:

  • Shareable. Links to the imagery can be shared outside your account.
  • Private. The imagery is only viewable by users with access to the account in which the imagery is located.
  • Public. The imagery will appear in Survae's public video listings at

Privacy status is indicated in the main information pane for each video by the icon with the three small lines on the lower right.

  • When the icon is red, this indicates that the video is set to private. 
  • Yellow indicates that a video is shareable.  
  • Grey indicates that a video is public.

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