Editing Information Associated with Videos

When a video or imagery such as infrared is first uploaded to Survae, it’s automatically connected to the map, but otherwise only contains basic information which you’ll want to edit in order to more easily access and share the video.

To edit information associated with your content, click on the imagery so it’s open in the player/map screen. Once in that screen, scroll down below the video/ map player.

Select the Edit button to access all the fields associated with the imagery. Once you do this you can:

  •       Change the title of the content
  •       Add a description
  •       Select a category
  •       Add tags that help you to organize your visual assets
  •       Set the privacy status of the content, which determines if it's shareable or viewable outside your account
  •       Delete the content

Only user roles of Account Owner, Manager or Editor have the necessary permissions to change any of the above data fields. 

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