User Roles and Permissions

Each user of Survae has a user role with a set of permissions around what he or she can and cannot do when logged in to the platform. These roles are set when the account owner or manager invites new users to the account and can be updated in your Account settings at any time.


The account owner is the first person to open the account at Survae. An account may have multiple owners. The owner has full control over all aspects of the account.

  • Manages all aspects of the account, including content and billing settings
  • May add additional Owners, Managers, Editors, Contributors, and Viewers
  • May add additional accounts


  • Manages the account's content
  • May invite and add new users with the role of Editor and/or Viewer
  • May remove content
  • Coming in 2019
    • May post or approve new video jobs
    • May accept and approve completed video jobs from outside contractors
    • May create, manage or join groups
    • May make or approve purchases


  • Manages videos and other imagery
  • May set privacy levels
  • May share videos
  • Coming in 2019: May request video jobs (with Manager approval)


  • May log in to the account in order to upload video and other imagery into the account
  • Cannot see content in the account other than what the contributor is currently uploading
  • Has no other permissions other than to upload content to the account


  • May log in and view content in the account, but otherwise has no other permissions within the account

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