Understanding Accounts and Users

When you or your organization signs up to use the Survae platform, we set up at least one user as the owner of the account. That account owner manages and controls the account. 

The account owner has the ability to perform two important functions:

Set up and create additional accounts under the umbrella of your main account

The account owner sets up one account initially at Survae and then can add additional accounts. Survae supports the following account structures for enterprise, government and NGOs:

  • An Enterprise or Organization using Survae for their own use only
  • An Enterprise and Organization performing services for one or more clients, where each client has access to their own content
  • Enterprises or Organizations with multiple locations and affiliates
  • Government or NGOs with one or more divisions and/or locations
  • Large Enterprise, Government or Organizations with multiple locations and clients associated with each location, where each location manages its own content, but where users across the enterprise or organization can collaborate and work with content in each other's accounts

Each account is billed on a monthly or annual basis, depending on how you set up the account. 

Invite additional users

Account owners can invite other users to access their account. There can be multiple users who have the role of account owner.

Once at least one user is set up as the account owner, that user can then invite anyone else to access your organization’s account. Invitations to access an organization’s account are generated right from within the account owner’s profile page.

If you have a large number of staff that you wish to invite, Survae can handle the process for you. Please contact  support@survae.com.

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