Adding Users to Your Account

Login to your Survae account.

Only users designated as Owners or Managers can invite new users to join an account.

To invite new users:

Click on the green icon to the right of the Survae logo in the top left-hand side of your account to get started. Under your user name, you'll see a link to Manage your account. Click on Manage and you will come to the account management screen. If you are associated with more than one account you'll see a list here of all accounts with which you have privileges. Select the account you wish to work with. You can click anywhere on the account name or in the information pane about the account.

Under Account Users, you will see a listing of all users who have access to the account and at the bottom of this list, the ability to add a new user.

Click on the + Add New User button and you'll then see the Invite Account User screen.

Add the email address of the user you wish to add, set their permissions and job title (optional, but recommended). Click the Send Invite button and the invitation email will be on its way to your invitee. Once he or she receives the email and clicks on the link in the email, they will be able to set a password and have access to the account.

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