Visual Search Engine

In addition to being able to search your content using titles, keywords, tags and geographic names, Survae provides a visual search engine that offers many powerful features.

Within any video, for instance, you can mouse over the map on the right to see geo-located thumbnails for every second of the video. You can move forward or backward along the route taken by the video camera and begin playing the video from the map itself. Each geo-located thumbnail is date and time-stamped, as well. Bring in your own Esri shapefiles and kml and kmz files as layers on the map to see your imagery with additional context.

Visual search is also a perfect way to work with and manage large numbers of visual assets. You don't need to know files name or where or when imagery was created. All visual imagery you upload to Survae is automatically connected to the map, so it's easy to find everything by zooming in or out on the central map or searching for a specific location.

The main map works just like the map associated with an individual video, but you can see all the imagery associated with a particular location. UAV routes (and moving ground or water routes, as well) are displayed as purple lines on the map. Mouse anywhere over a route. It will turn red and the corresponding information pane on the left, with details about the imagery, will have a red line next to it. Mouse forward or backward along the route to preview the imagery and click on it to begin playing the video. 

When you hover over a route on the main map, the video list on the left will adjust and scroll to the video itself.

Still images appear on the map with an orange icon, indicating the camera position and the direction in which it was pointing. Hover over the icon to see the image associated with the location and click it to open the image.

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