Viewing Still Images

Survae can display still imagery captured with smartphones, tablets and DSLR cameras that store GPS data along with the image itself. Once images have been uploaded, you will see them in the list view and, of course, on the map.

In the list view, the information pane for still images contains a small thumbnail of the image, with its location automatically noted, along with the date and time the image was taken. Click the gray map icon and the main map on the right of the list view will zoom to the location where the image was recorded. You can click on the information pane thumbnail or on the map to see the image in full size.

On the main map, still images are marked with an orange icon. In addition to geo-locating the image, the icon shows you the direction in which the camera was pointing when the picture was taken. Hover over the icon to see a thumbnail of the image. Click it to view the image full screen.

When you have clicked on an image and opened it in the image viewer, you'll see a blue icon on the map. The blue icon indicates the position of the camera and shows the direction in which the camera is pointing, if that information is available in the uploaded metadata.

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