Upload Flight Data from the DJI GO app

  1. Connect the device on which you are running the DJI GO app (i.e. your iPhone or iPad) to your computer and launch iTunes.
  2. Navigate to the DJI Go app and select the FlightRecords folder.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Save to… button. Select a folder and location wherever you want to store these files on your computer. Now that you have your DJI GO app flight data files on your computer, you’re ready to upload them into Survae.
  4. Go to your browser and make sure you’re logged in to your account at http://world.survae.com.

  5. Click the blue up-arrow in the top left of the window, to the right of the Survae logo.
  6. Browse to the saved folder where you stored your DJI GO app data on your computer. You will see a list of .txt files with dates. Find and select a data file with a name that closely matches your video’s date/time. Click the Open button and the file will begin uploading to Survae. In addition to using the blue up-arrow, you can also drag-and-drop the files right into your account, if you prefer. Please allow the data files to upload completely before you close your browser window.

    DO NOT LEAVE THE PAGE in your browser while the file is uploading. Leaving the page will interrupt the upload process. You can open another tab or window in your browser or do other work on your computer, but be sure to leave the browser window open to the page when any files are uploading in Survae.

    Data files should upload very quickly as they are small files. After the data file has finished uploading, it will process. After processing, one or more video data files will be generated from the flight data. Survae will then look for a matching video and video data file. If you previously uploaded the video that goes with the data, a match will be made. The new video will now contain a description and a path will be displayed on the map. The video upload process is complete. If you upload your data prior to the video, the match will occur once the corresponding video file is uploaded.
    Once a match is made, your video will have a temporary title associated with the location in which it was recorded. You can change this title at any time by going into the Edit function for the video.

    Please keep in mind that the DJI GO app data files are encrypted. We will manually process them, which takes a little time, and we can’t yet guarantee that DJI Go data logs will always work. We are working toward an automatic process with DJI and other manufacturers.

    At present, we are recommending the Litchi app due to its open and more complete data logs. These files will automatically process very quickly.

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