Using the DJI Cendence/CrystalSky platform with Survae

Power on the Cendence remote control and then the CrystalSky.
Power on the UAV.
Ensure the time/date is set correctly on the CrystalSky. If not, press the middle button on the right side of the screen.
  • Tap “Settings."
  •  Scroll to "System: Date/time."
  • Set a new date and time
  • Exit the menu hierarchy by touching the arrow in the upper left of each window
Open your flight app of preference and conduct the flight/s.
You can conduct different flights using different apps. The most commonly used Crystal Sky apps:
  • DJIGo4 (if using a single sensor and not thermal)
  • DJI Pilot (if using sensors on both gimbals or if using the XT2)
  • Litchi (works with single sensor including the XT2)

Remove the SD card from the UAV. Copy the images and video from the DCIM folder to a hard drive for safekeeping. Note: Depending on the volume of data collected and number of flight apps used to collect data, there may be more than one folder under DCIM (as follows).

Upload the imagery of interest from the hard drive to Survae.

Now upload the telemetry data of video files:

    1. Connect the CrystalSky (MicroUSB port) to a computer (USB port).
    2. The laptop should indicate a new device, and the CrystalSky will have a “white information circle icon” in the upper left screen.

Press the indicator icon on the CrystalSky. Press USB Connected then press Turn on USB Storage.

Windows Explorer will open on your computer. Navigate to the \DJI folder.

Open the folder of the flight app you used, likely one of the three below:

In the folder you opened, find the FlightRecord folder. Select one or more Flight Records for the date/time of flight, and copy to the hard drive location where you stored the imagery.

Now upload the FlightRecord file/s from the hard drive location to Survae. Survae will automatically link the FlightRecord files to the imagery files.

Repeat with any other flight apps you used to acquire data.

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