Using the Litchi App with Survae

Please be sure to read Litchi’s instructions, including the program settings section, prior to flying and recording video that you want to import into Survae. The Litchi help section includes links to both iOS and Android instructions:

The iOS version of the Litchi app for iPhones and iPads works well right out of the box. Just update the settings, per the instructions below.
If you are using the Android version of Litchi’s app you should check out Litchi’s instructions first, before setting up the app. There are so many different versions of Android and so many different devices that each work with the operating system in different ways that this can lead to some minor issues. For instance, on some Android devices, the Litchi app will not work properly if you also have DJI’s app installed on the same device.
Changes to Settings in the Litchi App
For both iOS and Android versions of the Litchi app, before flying your first mission and recording video to be imported into Survae, please be sure to change the settings in the Litchi app to the following:
  • NTSC 60 hertz (60 frames per second)
  • .mp4 or .mov
  • Set Auto Record = on
  • Resolution: 4k (3840 x 2160 @ 30 fps)
Setting Auto Record to “on” starts the video when the flight starts and stops the video when the flight ends. If this is not set to “on,” the video may extend past the recorded flight data and a video/data match may not occur upon import. You can still stop and start recording at any time during your UAV flight and record as many different segments as you like.
Please note: always connect the smartphone or iPad on which you are running the Litchi app to the UAV controller when changing or updating settings within the app.

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